Travel Essentials

Getting in & out
Druk Air, the country's national carrier is the sole airline. It operates flights into Bhutan from Bangkok, Kolkata, Delhi and Kathmandu. There are five flights a week from Bangkok and Kolkata, two flights from New Delhi and Kathmandu. Alternatively, you may wish to travel via Kolkata, India, by road and enter from the southern Bhutanese border town of Phuentsholing. If you choose to fly, we strongly suggest to all our clients to book your travel a minimum of four months in advance, to confirm flight seats. TRANSCEND TRAVELLERS can arrange ticketing for all Druk Air flights in and out of Bhutan.

Tourist visas must be obtained by all foreign nationals prior to entering Bhutan. TRANSCEND TRAVELLERS processes all visa applications for our clients, at no extra cost. TRANSCEND TRAVELLERS clients will be issued with a visa clearance number prior to departure for Bhutan, upon arrival in Bhutan; your actual visa will be stamped in your passport. You will need to carry two passport-size photographs with you.

Government regulations require that tourists pay the full amount for your tour to issue of tourist visa. Guests of TRANSCEND TRAVELLERS may make payment for all travel arrangements via TT to the following:

Bank Details:
Payment may be wire transferred through the following banks;

American Express Bank Ltd.,
300 Boulevand East,
Weehawken NJ 07087-6702
Swift Code AEIBUS33

Beneficiary Bhutan National Bank,
Post Box No. 439,
Thimphu, Bhutan
Account No. 734061

Ultimate Beneficiary
Transcend Travellers; Bhutan & beyond
Account number: 0000050036021

Trip Cancellation
Cancellation must be made in writing to Transcend Travellers and will be subject to the following cancellation charges:
  1. More than 60 days prior to departure No deduction will be made.
  2. Between 60 and 31 days prior to departure - 25 percent of the total cost
  3. Between 30 and 15 days prior to departure - 50 percent of the total cost
  4. Less than 15 days - 100 percent of the total cost

Travel insurance
TRANSCEND TRAVELLERS strongly recommends all clients to purchase travel insurance prior to their Bhutan and Beyond travel destinations.

Medical vaccination
It is not mandatory but we suggest all our guests to vaccinate themselves for tetanus, typhoid and hepatitis prior to travel date. It is advisable that travelers undergoing any prescription medication carry adequate supply of medication for the entire trip. All TRANSCEND TRAVELLERS representatives are trained in first aid; please ensure all medical conditions are disclosed in your travel application.

Responsible travel and tourism
TRANSCEND TRAVELLERS advocates sustainable tourism and encourages our clients to be culturally sensitive while traveling through Bhutan and beyond. You should ask permission if you wish to photograph anybody. Photography/filming is prohibited inside places of worship. Bhutanese are generally introverted and private, what one does in private is strictly of personal nature. Likewise, public displays of affections (kissing, for example) are not appreciated.

Your expectations
Guests of TRANSCEND TRAVELLERS can expect the best that local conditions allow. We specialize in providing personalized quality tours, with adventure and luxury complementing each other, to the modern traveler. Come travel with us. Keep an open mind and rest assured TRANSCEND will keep you satisfied.

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